People’s Transit

People’s Transit is a coalition of individuals and organizations working to ensure equity is placed at the center of the Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) debate. We see smart transit policy as a crucial opportunity for increasing economic opportunity and achieving racial equity across the city of Minneapolis and our region.

People’s Transit Equity

We believe that the Met Council, the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County must advance a vision of transit for our region grounded in equity, addressing transit as a public asset and basic community need. If the following enhancements were adopted, there is real potential that the SWLRT could become a tool to remove economic barriers for people across our region.

Buses at Van White and Penn stations

Without connecting bus lines at these stations, the real people who use transit will not get what they could from SWLRT.

Bus shelters that actually shelter people

It is unacceptable that we allow Metro Transit to have such a disparity in the quality of bus stops. We need warm, clean and accessible bus stops everywhere.

Speed up bus improvements

If SWLRT is moving now, bus improvements — including higher-frequency, rapid transit routes—must also be guaranteed.

Modern streetcars

Some corridors that were initially considered couldn’t fit LRT, but they could be served with a smaller, less expensive form of LRT: modern streetcars. The whole region would benefit if these communities could grow to their potential and reverse the disinvestment of the past with the new jobs and housing opportunities rail transit can bring.

Lower fares

Light rail is the central spine of an equitable transit system. But the bus system is the heart, efficiently pumping riders along the arteries. Unfortunately, for lower-income riders, bus fares have increased while services decreased over the years as we have become consumed with building light rail. For certain stops, we need free and reduced fares to promote a more diverse ridership.

Take a diesel train storage center off the table permanently

Polluting diesel trains should not be warehoused in Linden Yard next door to the Van White station. This needs to be removed from plans so it doesn’t undermine the ability of the Harrison neighborhood to develop diverse housing, small businesses and open space, and to carry its Bassett Creek Valley master plan forward.

Talking about Southwest Light Rail

Nearly every other day an elected official or business leader touts “equity” and “reducing racial disparities” as priorities in public pronouncements. Rarely do they actually turn their words into action to really improve people’s lives. We think just such an opportunity now exists for those working to resolve turf warfare over SWLRT.

Dan McGrath and Paul Slack, Transit equity means more than light rail (April 11, 2014), Star Tribune


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